George Blasing is a self-taught American palaeontologist, whom works at the Whitte Museum, in San Antonio, Texas. In addition to practicing palaeontology, he is also a writer, lecturer, and a public speaker, whom has spoken to countless audiences, all across America. He is often aptly nicknamed "Dinosaur George", due to his immense passion for dinosaurs.

Jurassic Fight Club Edit

In 2007, Blasing wrote, co-created, and designed all the prehistoric creatures and fight scenes in a documentary television series called Jurassic Fight Club. Dinosaur George was also the show's creative consultant. George Blasing also served as the show's "Host", being the only palaeontologist to appear as one of the "talking heads", in any one of the fight scenes, in all of the episodes.

Youtube Channel Edit

George Blasing has his very own Channel, on YouTube, called dinosaurgeorge. On there, he has started producing 2 new web series: Ask Dinosaur George, and DG-TV. Ask Dinosaur George is a monthly (or, sometimes, weekly) show featuring Blasing answering the questions that he gets from his viewers, from all over the world. DG-TV is a show about palaeontology and fossils, that sort of takes his viewers "Behind-The-Scenes", a little bit, so that they can see what it's like to actually prepare dinosaur fossils for display, in museums. In DG-TV, Blasing gets his ideas for making new episodes, from his viewers. Both of these series are inspired by other YouTube users, in their comments.

Trivia Edit

  • Dinosaur George, as mentioned above, is the only palaeontologist to speak during the fight scenes, in Jurassic Fight Club. This is presumably due to him having the most "major" role, in the series, acting as its Host.
  • Dinosaur George first starting producing his "Ask Dinosaur George" Series, in early 2009. He first started to produce his "DG-TV" Series, in late 2010.
  • Dinosaur George is one of only 2 self-taught palaeontologists, ever to appear in Jurassic Fight Club. The other one is Robert Gaston.